Top 7 YouTube Channels to Learn Machine Learning and More!

Learning has never been more accessible than it is today, thanks to the digital age. YouTube, for example, has become a treasure trove of knowledge, with countless channels dedicated to providing free education on an array of topics. In the ever-evolving field of Machine Learning, these YouTube channels have become invaluable resources for beginners and experts alike.

Today, we’re going to spotlight the top 7 YouTube channels that can help you master Machine Learning, as well as a bonus 7 channels for those who wish to broaden their learning horizons even further.

1. 3Blue1Brown

3Blue1Brown, run by Grant Sanderson, is an exceptional channel that offers an intuitive understanding of complex mathematical concepts. While it’s not exclusively about Machine Learning, its deep dives into linear algebra, calculus, and statistics serve as the perfect primer for understanding the math behind Machine Learning.

2. StatQuest with Josh Starmer

Josh Starmer’s StatQuest breaks down the complicated world of statistics and Machine Learning into easy, bite-sized pieces. This channel is a great resource to help solidify foundational concepts.

3. DeepLearning.AI

Founded by Andrew Ng, a pioneer in the field of AI and Machine Learning, DeepLearning.AI provides comprehensive content on Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and AI. It’s an excellent source for both beginners and experienced professionals.

4. Siraj Raval

Siraj Raval’s channel offers an engaging and enthusiastic take on Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science. He presents complex topics in a way that’s entertaining and accessible.

5. Python Engineer


Python Engineer covers a broad range of topics, but its Machine Learning playlist is particularly robust, focusing on Python, one of the primary languages used in Machine Learning.

6. Two Minute Papers

Two Minute Papers provides quick, digestible rundowns of the latest research papers in Machine Learning and AI. It’s perfect for keeping up to date with the cutting-edge advancements.

7. Lex Fridman

Lex Fridman

Lex Fridman hosts a popular podcast that explores all areas of AI, featuring in-depth conversations with the leading minds in the field. It’s a great channel to get the big picture of AI and Machine Learning.

Honorable Mentions

While the above {7 YouTube channels to learn machine learning} are fantastic, there’s a world of knowledge beyond Machine Learning on YouTube. Here are 7 additional channels that can broaden your learning journey.

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell: With beautifully animated videos, this channel explores scientific concepts and philosophical questions in an engaging and understandable way.
  2. Vsauce: Vsauce has a knack for taking everyday questions and turning them into mind-bending explorations of scientific concepts.
  3. CGP Grey: This channel covers a diverse range of topics from politics, geography, to history, with succinct and cleverly animated videos.
  4. Veritasium: Veritasium takes on the physical sciences with a sense of wonder, breaking down complex phenomena in an exciting and relatable way.
  5. Tom Scott: Tom Scott covers a broad array of interesting facts, locations, and tech topics in his well-researched, on-location videos.
  6. CrashCourse: Offering courses on a wide variety of subjects, CrashCourse makes learning new topics easy and fun.
  7. Ted-Ed: Ted-Ed offers a huge selection of lessons on various topics, including science, literature, history, and more, all in short, animated videos.

In conclusion, these {7 YouTube channels} offer a wide range of learning opportunities. From Machine Learning to a wide range of other topics, you can gain deep insights and keep your knowledge updated. Happy learning!

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