Sidhu Moosewala Last Track

Sidhu Moosewala last track Mera Na released

His fans were crazy about the songs of late Punjabi singer Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu Musewala. Every song of the singer used to go on people’s lips as soon as it came. Musewala may not be in the world today but his songs keep making us feel his presence. Amidst all this, another new song of late Musewala ‘Mera Naam’ has been released on 7th April i.e. today. Grammy Award winner Nigerian rapper Barna Boy has also sung in this new song.

The third song has been released after the death of Musewala

Musewala’s new song ‘Mera Naam’ has become viral on YouTube as soon as it is released. Fans are very fond of the song. Please tell that after the death of Musewala, this is his third song released, before that two more songs ‘SYL’ and ‘Vaar’ were released. Both these songs were also liked by the fans. Although ‘SYL’ song was also banned by the Government of India on YouTube.

Musewala’s song got record views in 25 minutes

His fans loved the songs of Sidhu Musewala. All the songs of the late singer with strong fan following have been hits. At the same time, his new song ‘Mera Naam’ is also getting great response. This song got record breaking views as soon as it was released on YouTube. It has got 1.3 million views within 25 minutes of its release.

Legends never die ;last track Mera Na released, fans say

Late singer Sidhu Moose Wala, who was shot dead on May 29, recorded his last track Mera Na before the incident took place.

Sidhu Moosewala is a popular Punjabi singer, songwriter, and actor. He was born on 11 June 1993 in the village of Moosa in Mansa district, Punjab, India. Sidhu Moosewala is known for his powerful and emotive voice, and his music often features lyrics that explore themes of love, loss, and the struggles faced by Punjabi youth. In this article, we will take a closer look at Sidhu Moosewala’s life, career, and music.

Early Life and Education

Sidhu Moosewala was born into a Jatt Sikh family in the village of Moosa. His father, Bhola Singh, was a farmer, and his mother, Charan Kaur, was a homemaker. Sidhu grew up in a rural setting and was surrounded by agriculture and farming. He completed his early education at a local school in his village and later moved to Malwa College, Bathinda, to pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering.

Music Career

Sidhu Moosewala developed an interest in music at an early age. He grew up listening to the songs of legendary Punjabi singers such as Gurdas Maan, Surjit Bindrakhia, and Kuldeep Manak. Sidhu started writing songs during his college days and would often perform at college events and competitions. His first song, “G Wagon,” was released in 2017, and it quickly became a hit among Punjabi youth.

Sidhu Moosewala’s music is characterized by his powerful and emotive voice, catchy melodies, and lyrics that resonate with Punjabi youth. His songs often deal with themes of love, heartbreak, and the struggles faced by Punjabi youth in today’s world. Some of his most popular songs include “So High,” “Warning Shots,” “Ishq Da Uda Adaa,” “Sidhu’s Anthem,” and “Same Beef.”

Sidhu has collaborated with several other popular Punjabi singers, including Amrit Maan, Karan Aujla, and Diljit Dosanjh. His collaborations with Amrit Maan, such as “Warning Shots” and “Jatt Da Muqabala,” have been particularly successful, and have helped to cement his position as one of the leading Punjabi singers of his generation.


Despite his popularity, Sidhu Moosewala has been embroiled in several controversies throughout his career. In May 2020, he was arrested by the Punjab Police for allegedly promoting violence and gun culture through his songs. The controversy erupted after one of his songs, “Sanju,” which featured lyrics about a gangster, was accused of glorifying violence. Sidhu was released on bail a few days later, and he subsequently issued a public apology for the lyrics of the song.

In addition to the controversy over his song lyrics, Sidhu Moosewala has also been criticized for his associations with gangsters and criminal elements. He has been photographed with several notorious gangsters, and some of his songs have been accused of promoting a culture of violence and crime.

Despite these controversies, Sidhu Moosewala remains one of the most popular Punjabi singers of his generation. His music continues to resonate with young Punjabi audiences, and his powerful voice and emotive lyrics have won him a legion of fans.

Acting Career

In addition to his music career, Sidhu Moosewala has also dabbled in acting. He made his acting debut in 2019 with the Punjabi movie “Yes I Am Student,” which was directed by Tarnvir Singh Jagpal. The movie was not particularly successful, but it helped to establish Sidhu’s credentials as an actor.

Sidhu Moosewala has since gone on to act in several other Punjabi movies,

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