Most Important Popular SEO terms that you need to know


Algorithm: In POPULAR SEO, the code of the algorithmic search engine is called. This is the program that search engines use to display the results of any search query.

Headings – When any text is written inside the heading tag on the website (like H1 or H2) then it is called heading.

KeywordThis term is used for the terms searched on the search engine.


MetadataThis tells search engines about your website.

Meta DescriptionThis is the short description that informs about the content of the webpage. It is shown below the page title in the results pages of the search engine.

Page Title Whenever a name is given to a web page and it appears at the top of the browser, it is called the page title. Page Title is short information about that page like the title of this page – “Most Important Popular SEO terms that you need to know”.

Authority: The authority of any website is the trust of the search engine on it. Having a link to your website on a trusted site also increases the trust of your site and when a user clicks on the link of your website available on a trusted website, then the trust of that site gets credited to your website as well, meaning a trusted website. The authority of your website increases when incoming links come from. This is called passing the link juice.

Authority site: This is called the website on which incoming links come from many other trusted websites. An authority site has a lot of trust, PageRank search results placement. Wikipedia, slideshare are examples of authority sites.

Hits: Hits is called the traffic coming to your website. Whenever someone views a page of your website, it is called a hit.

Bot: Bot is also known as robot or crawler. This is the automatic program that search engines use. Search engines search new webpages and websites using bots and index them in their database.

Indexed Pages: Whenever you create a website, after the website is online, the search engine stores it in its database after exploring that website. If a website and web page is not indexed in the search engine, then that page or website will not show when searched on the search engine. “Most Important Popular SEO terms that you need to know”.

Bounce Rate: Whenever a visitor leaves or exits the website after visiting a page on a website, it is called the bounce rate of the website. Coming to a user website, whether it stays for a few seconds or a few hours, it is not considered in the bounce rate.

Bookmark – When a link to any website or webpage is saved by the user in his computer’s browser or computer (so that he can refer or read that page later), then it is called a bookmark. If the link of your website is saved on the social bookmarking site, then it is a good sign for crawlers, which shows that people are taking interest in your website.

Google Page Rank – Google adopts the page rank method for ranking any website, in which points are assigned from 0 to 10 on the basis of the authority of the website, which means that the more points, the more that site is. is trustworthy. “Most Important Popular SEO terms that you need to know”.

SEM: The full form of SEM is Search Engine Marketing. This is called marketing done to bring more and more traffic on the search engine.

SERP: The full form of SERP is Search Engine Results Page. When a user searches something on the search engine, then the search engine which shows the list of the website along with the result page is called the search engine results page.

Sitemap: Sitemap is very important for Popular SEO and it tells the search engine that on which location of the website you will easily get the information about all the pages. Sitemap is the list of all the pages of any website which are used by search engine bots. It is mostly an XML file. “Most Important Popular SEO terms that you need to know”.

Canonical URL – If it happens on any website that the same information is available on more than one URL, then it can be an issue for the search engine. If you want to avoid this issue, then you can define the preferred URL to the search engine with rel=canonical tags. Mostly it is used in the home page of a website because you want the website to open from different URLs. Instead of being open from a single URL – For Example you can use any URL from but the website opens only after converting to

Inbound Link – Inbound link is also called backlinks and these are the links that come to your site from other sites. Read Also – What are Backlinks

Internal Link – Those links which lead from the page of the website to another page of the same website are called internal links.

Keyword density: How many times any keyword is on your web page is called keyword density. “Most Important Popular SEO terms that you need to know”.

robots.txt: Whenever a website is online, the search engine indexes all its pages, but if for any reason you do not want any page to be indexed or you want to exculde some pages, then those pages you Can mention in the file. Robots.txt is a text file that tells search robots which pages not to visit. It remains sore on the root directory, it is used to restrict and control the behavior of search engine spiders on your website. “Most Important Popular SEO terms that you need to know”.

Keyword stuffing: This is also called keyword spam, which is used for spam-indexing. This is a way of wrongly gaining rank on search engines, due to which many keywords are added to meta tags or web pages, which do not even have any link to the content.

Link Building – Out of all the popular SEO terms of search engine, it is the most useful term. To improve the ranking of search engines, when you create inbound links for your website, then this process is called link building process. “Most Important Popular SEO terms that you need to know”.

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