How To Make High Quality Backlinks For Blog 10 Best Ways

Friends, today we will know how to make High Quality Backlinks for the blog? In my previous article, I told you about what are Backlinks and why they are important for SEO.

And today in this article, you will learn about how High Quality Backlinks are made, which will help you to get your posts ranked high in the search engine.

First read this – What are Backlinks, how do they work and why are they important for SEO?

Backlinks which is one of the important parts of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are also 2 parts under SEO, one is On Page SEO and the other is Off Page SEO.

To make your blog successful, you have to work hard on both the parts.

Backlinks are an important part of Off Page SEO, by making which we can get our site and posts on the 1st page or even 1st rank in the search engine.

If you do not have quality backlinks on your site, then it is very difficult to get a place on the 1st page in the search engine, no matter how good an article you write and publish.

But if you make high quality backlinks from quality sites, then no one can stop your posts from appearing in the search engine, just before making backlinks you should know how to make high quality backlinks.

What is High Quality Backlinks ?

High Quality backlinks are those that you get from quality sites which have good ranking and they give dofollow backlinks like google, wikipedia, etc are quality sites.

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If you get backlink from these sites, then it is very beneficial for your blog, because of this your ranking improves in search engine and your domain authority also increases.

You have to find similar quality sites and comment on them or make a backlink from these sites through guest post, due to which your traffic will also start increasing gradually.

10 Best Ways to Create High Quality Backlinks for Blog:

While making backlinks for blog, you always have to remember that quality backlinks have to be made because if you make more low quality backlinks then it has a negative effect on your site, your ranking can also fall more than before.

I am telling you some usefull ways by which it will be easy for you to understand how quality backlinks are made and your ranking can also be on the 1st page in the search engine.

So let’s see some useful ways of how to make High Quality Backlinks:

1.Start Guest Post:

By finding quality sites related to your niche, start guest posting on them, this will also give you quality backlinks and visitors from other websites will also start coming to your site.

2.Start writing Quality Content:

Always focus on writing quality content so that people like your content, they get to learn something from your posts, by doing this more and more people will share your article on different platforms and you will also get backlinks.

3.Create account on Pinterest and Reddit:

Create your account on Pinterest, Reddit, and other platforms and give a link to your site there so that you can get backlinks from these sites.

4.Create Question Answer Form:

You can create a separate Question Answer form for your site, for this you can also use your subdomain.

5.Create Backlink from Quora and Yahoo:

On Question Answer sites like Quora and Yahoo, you can create your profile and add a link to your site in it and answer people’s questions, as well as give a link to your blog.

6.Start Commenting:

Sites related to your topic which give dofollow backlink can create backlinks by commenting on them.

7.Submit the blog article:

You can submit articles from your site to stumbleupon.com and similar sites.

8.Make backlinks from Youtube:

By creating a channel on youtube, you can give a link to your blog there and by making some videos, you can also give the url of the site in the description or title. With this you will get both traffic and backlink.

9.Start writing on Trending Topics:

Try to write posts on such topics which are trending or you can also write on any upcoming event which people can search and share the post.

10.Create account in Blog Communities:

You can submit your blog to communities like indiblogger.

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While creating backlinks, never use the tool that generates free backlinks because many tools create spams and adult backlinks, due to which the ranking of your blog starts getting low.

Friends, even if you build quality backlinks but there is no quality content on your blog, then what is the use of it, so along with quality backlinks, you must also increase the number of quality posts on your site.

If you have both quality content and quality backlinks, then no one can stop you from ranking your blog’s posts on 1st page or 1st rank.

I hope how to make High Quality Backlinks for blog

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