how to earn money from Affiliate Marketing

Understand Affiliate Marketing

How to earn money from Affiliate Marketing: If you are thinking of earning money online then you have many ways to earn money. If you are thinking about your blog, website or youtube channel in many ways to earn money online, then you should know that to earn money from website or blog, you have to use Google Adsense or Affiliate marketing. Affiliate program is considered the best way to earn money online. Today we are telling about affiliate marketing in this post because you must have heard this word many times but probably many things will not be known about it like how it works, how to join affiliate partnership or your How will income be generated etc. Many people use affiliate marketing more than google adsense on their website or blog and earn more money too, but it is not necessary that this scenario is correct in every situation because every website performs differently. People prefer affiliate programs more because affiliate programs earn more money on their website than other methods.

What is Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing

If affiliate marketing is explained in simple words, then this is the process in which you promote a company’s product on your website or blog and if a website visitor buys the company’s product by looking at the banner or link of the product. So the company gives you its commission. Affiliate marketing is also called performance-based marketing because the company offers commission or reward to the affiliate on the basis of the sale of the product. The more the company’s product sales, the more % commission will be given according to the company scheme.

How Affiliate Marketing Works:

Affiliate marketing works in three steps or it can be said that there are three main elements of affiliate marketing – merchant, publisher and customer, in which merchant is the retailer company whose product is being promoted or sold. The publisher is the one on whose website or blog the product is being sold through marketing efforts and the customer who is purchasing the product. As affiliate marketing increased, along with these three players, the fourth important player has also come into the picture, that fourth player is “Network”. Network’s job is to maintain communication between merchant and publisher. With the help of the network, the publisher can choose affiliate programs, there are offers given by the network’s pass merchant, which the publisher can choose, and the payment of the publisher on sale is also done by the network itself. |

What is Affiliate Networks:

Some affiliate programs in affiliate marketing are run on affiliate networks. Networks helps affiliates to register and apply for suitable individual programs and acts as a trusted intermediary between affiliates and merchants. Network handles all types of tracking and reporting along with managing merchants’ banners, links, information. Along with this, the network ensures that according to the rules set by the merchant, commission and payment should be done in a timely manner. All the traffic movement that happens between Merchant, Blog and Customer is tracked by the network. For example, if the customer visits the merchant’s site by clicking on the promotion link after visiting the affiliate’s blog or website, then it is the responsibility of the network to track and maintain the record of this transaction. For this or for tracking any other activity, the network uses cookies.

What is COOKIE:

A cookie is a small data packet that works with a web browser to store information such as user preferences, login or registration information, and shopping cart contents. When someone visits the affiliate’s blog or website and clicks on the affiliate link, a cookie is placed on the computer or mobile device. This cookie works to store the information of that link and the visitor’s clicked add. Even when the user leaves the website and later comes back to purchase and makes the purchase, the affiliate gets credit and commission for that purchase.

Steps to start Affiliates marketing –

First of all, you choose a suitable product for your website, which you want to promote on your blog or website.
You register for the affiliate program of that product company or retailer.
Merchant company gives you promotion material like link (called affiliate link), banners etc. for this, which you will put on your website or blog.
You promote the company’s product by placing a link or banner on your website.
When a visitor customer clicks on the link on your website and purchases the product, you will get its commission.

Who can be Affiliate: Blog, Website Owner, Coupon Site, Deal Sites, Loyalty Sites |

How Affiliate is paid:

There can be many ways to pay affiliates, which completely depend on the merchant. The most popular methods are pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead and pay-per-click. Affiliates get money only when the merchant has any benefit or product sale due to his marketing promotion. If the affiliate has placed an ad on the website through a third party network, then the payment is done by the third-party network only.

Do you have to pay some charges to become an affiliate?

no | There is no cost to sign up Affiliate program. You can join any number of affiliate programs of any affiliate network without any cost.

How much money can Affiliate earn?

How much Affiliate can earn depends mostly on how your commission rates have been fixed and how much is the traffic of the website. In many places the commission depends on the percentage of total sale and in many places it depends on every transaction. How much you can earn also depends on the traffic, layout, content and visitors of the blog or website. The more people visit and purchase the product after seeing your promotion, the more your income increases. You can work from Affiliate marketing from min 1 Rs to 10 lakhs or more (No limit) per month.

Can I add another company’s ad with Google Adsense : Yes, of course. There is no such restriction of Google Adsense or affiliate programs.

Can I add another company’s ad with Google Adsense : Yes, of course. There is no such restriction of Google Adsense or affiliate programs.

Can I stop anytime after joining affiliate program: Yes, you can leave affiliate program whenever you want.

What is Minimum payout: Minimum payout depends on affiliate program and product company, it can be anything from monthly $ 10.

What are the popular affiliate networks: Shareasale, Commission Junction, Impact Radius and Rakuten Linkshare are popular affiliate programs.

What is Pay Per Lead: Some affiliate programs pay you on every single lead that is called pay per lead.

Network or direct company (In-house affiliate program) –

What should I choose from Network or in-house: If you are thinking of starting and you do not have too much traffic, then you can start by joining the affiliate program of these In-house or direct company because in that You will not have to pay any fees. Whatever you earn will be your amount and because of not having much traffic it will be easy to manage. But if your work is big, traffic is high and you can afford to pay additional fees, then you can join affiliate network. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages and for everyone, according to their requirement, both have their own utility.

Which are the popular companies that are best for affiliate partner? Thousands of companies offer partnership for affiliate program. Some of the best merchants today are – Amazon, flipcart, snapdeal,, Hostgator, Godaddy, etc.

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