Amy Dowden: The Glittering Gem of Ballroom Dance

When it comes to the world of ballroom dancing, few names shine as brightly as Amy Dowden. A professional dancer on the internationally acclaimed TV show, BBC Strictly Come Dancing, Amy’s dance moves have made her a household name in the UK and beyond. In this blog, we take a deeper look at her life, career, and influence.

The Early Years

Born in Caerphilly, South Wales, in 1990, Amy Dowden showed a love for dance from a tender age. Her passion for rhythm and movement was clear, and it led her to participate in various dance competitions throughout her early years. In 2008, she began dancing professionally, marking the start of a sparkling career that would captivate audiences around the world.

Amy Dowden: A Professional Dancing Career

Amy Dowden has been a professional dancer for over a decade, her journey marked by consistent growth, mesmerizing performances, and of course, the undying passion that powers her every step.

  1. Breaking into the Professional SceneAmy’s breakthrough into professional dance was nothing short of remarkable. She and her partner, Ben Jones, quickly became a force to reckon with in the professional Latin category.
  2. Strictly Come DancingIn 2017, Amy became the first-ever Welsh professional dancer on the hit show, Strictly Come Dancing. This gave her an even bigger stage to showcase her talent, and she has since graced the dance floor with various celebrity partners.

Highlights of Amy Dowden’s Career

Over the course of her illustrious career, Amy has left indelible impressions. Here are a few highlights of her journey:

  • The British National Champion
    Amy, together with her partner Ben Jones, won the British National Dance Championships in 2017, making her a force to be reckoned with in the world of dance.
  • Strictly Success
    In 2020, Amy reached the final of Strictly Come Dancing with her celebrity partner HRVY, showcasing her exceptional choreography skills and unyielding determination.
  • Inspiring Others
    Amy also shares her passion and knowledge by teaching dance. She runs the Art in Motion Dance Academy in Dudley, inspiring and nurturing the next generation of dancers.

Amy Dowden and Her Fight with Crohn’s Disease

In 2019, Amy revealed that she has been battling Crohn’s disease since she was a child. This condition, an inflammatory bowel disease, can cause severe discomfort and health complications. Amy’s bravery in openly discussing her condition has brought much-needed awareness to the disease.

Amy Dowden’s Influence

Amy Dowden’s impact extends far beyond her mesmerizing performances. She serves as an inspiration to millions, both on and off the dance floor.

  1. Role Model for Dancers
    Amy’s discipline, dedication, and sheer talent make her an ideal role model for aspiring dancers. Her performances and teaching continue to inspire individuals to pursue their passion in dance.
  2. Advocacy for Health
    By speaking openly about her Crohn’s disease, Amy has become a symbol of strength and resilience. She uses her platform to raise awareness and provide support for others battling the condition.

The Future of Amy Dowden

Given Amy Dowden’s illustrious career so far, the future certainly looks bright. With her unique blend of skill, passion, and resilience, she’s set to continue making waves in the dance world and beyond.

Behind the Scenes: Amy Dowden’s Life off the Dance Floor

As captivating as her professional life may be, there’s much more to Amy Dowden than the public performances and ballroom glitz. The dancer’s off-stage life is filled with elements that contribute to her success and lend a human touch to her star status.

Amy Dowden’s Personal Life

Amy Dowden has been in a long-term relationship with Ben Jones, her dance partner, and fellow professional dancer. The two got engaged in 2018 and their relationship is one of mutual respect and admiration, founded on their shared passion for dance. They’re not just life partners, but also co-owners of the Art in Motion Dance Academy, where they continue to inspire budding dancers.

Amy’s Wellness Routine

As a professional dancer, maintaining a high level of physical fitness is crucial. Amy follows a strict wellness routine that includes a balanced diet, regular physical training, and adequate rest. She credits much of her success and endurance on the dance floor to her disciplined lifestyle and commitment to personal well-being.

Amy’s Philosophy on Dance

Amy Dowden’s approach to dance goes beyond perfecting moves. For her, dance is a form of communication and a way to connect with her emotions. She believes in the power of dance as a medium for self-expression and emotional release, which translates into her passionate and heartfelt performances.

Amy Dowden’s Contributions to the Dance Community

Aside from her televised performances, Amy is deeply involved in the dance community. She and her partner Ben run their dance academy where they teach students of all ages, helping to cultivate the next generation of dancers.

Art in Motion Dance Academy

Amy’s dance academy, Art in Motion, is a testament to her commitment to spreading the joy of dance. Together with Ben, she trains students in a variety of dance styles. The academy also provides opportunities for dancers to participate in competitions, fostering the spirit of healthy competition and camaraderie among its students.

Advocacy for Dance

Amy uses her platform to advocate for dance as an art form, a fitness regimen, and a therapeutic tool. She often speaks about the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of dance, encouraging people to embrace this art form in their daily lives.

Amy Dowden: A Beacon of Inspiration

Amy’s journey – marked by triumphs, challenges, and resilience – holds important life lessons for us all. From her unwavering commitment to dance to her strength in overcoming personal obstacles, Amy’s story inspires many.

Living with Crohn’s Disease

Amy’s openness about her Crohn’s disease has had a significant impact on raising awareness about the condition. Despite the struggles associated with the disease, she continues to maintain her professional commitments, showcasing her strength and determination. Her story encourages others dealing with similar health challenges to keep pursuing their dreams.

The Road Ahead

As Amy continues her journey in the dance world, there’s no doubt that she will keep inspiring others with her passion, talent, and resilience. As she steps into the future, the dance floor remains her platform to shine and inspire.


Amy Dowden is not just a dance professional, she’s an influencer, a mentor, an advocate, and above all, an inspiration. As we follow her journey, we’re reminded that dance is not just a profession, it’s a way of life that can shape and transform us in the most beautiful ways.


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